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    Aren S. Nedeau

    Realtor, Talent Acquisitions, Credit Expert

    License Number: 100076230

    I was born and raised in Arvada, CO and went to Pomona H.S. I’ve always loved sports. We won the 5A State Championship in baseball my senior year which was an incredible achievement. After, I was offered a few full-ride scholarship for baseball. I decided to go to college in Louisiana and then transferred up to Washington state later on. I have a 7-year-old daughter that will soon be 8. She is amazingly talented in many aspects of life, especially manipulating her soft father for whatever she wants. It hurts, it hurts bad, but it is so true... I have been in sales my whole life, generally in the financial industries. Promoted after a few months at each company. I love providing elite service to my clients. My strengths are in real estate, recruiting high-level sales, admin, service, and data entry employees. Other superpowers would include training, managing, mentoring, credit scoring (FICO algorithms), analyzing and optimizing credit reports, identifying broken business systems and protocols then improving on them, low-level computer training (not a programmer!!!), CRM design and functionality. I always bring a lot of energy, fun, and a joker mentality to most situations. I usually talk really fast so tell me to "pump the breaks if you need to!" I'm usually the rock for my employees, friends, and family because I genuinely care about the people around me. I'll always do whatever I can for my friends and family as many of you know! If you want to work with someone who strives every day to get better and to be the best at whatever I do, then you're looking at him. I switched careers because I noticed a humongous hole on this real estate side. I want to evolve this industry by providing the service that people deserve and very rarely receive. If you, whoever you are, need something, just ask. I have an extensive network, and I love to help people improve their lives. Aren's Words of Wisdom: Only control what you can; Don't look to the past because it can never be changed. Focus on today because tomorrow will never come. Be positive and take the high road, negativity will only hold you down. Think, plan, execute, then evaluate your efforts in every aspect of your life, every day. Be honest and DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE!!!

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